For many times I get myself in circles finding you
From places through continents, I never sought
Yet invisible strings attached for seasons, no one knows
Dismissal was my greatest fear, tonight I am free
Never lost, never lost

I poured a glass of water into an empty cup hoping for fulfillment
I asked for mercy, but sobriety is what I needed
My mind whispers you are my endgame
Yet the heart screams freedom
Never lost, never lost

At times I am convinced destiny is at my side
Encounters in foreign lands, am I delusional?
Finding lost souls at midpoints with briefness
For when truth is spoken, I am
Never lost, never lost

In a dream world full of hopes driven by failures and anxiety
I am guided by my own pain and sorrows
By following the heart, detours gave me a glimpse of the destination
Waiting for the sun to rise and set still a reward
Never lost, never lost

In yearning we keep swinging until we rest
Searching for love that frees and liberates
When I see myself in troubles, a return to my being
Alone in my own gray space, but
Never lost, never lost

Words: RJ Barrete
Photography: Richard Dy